Mayari Vs. Apolaki

Mayari Vs. Apolaki

A project illustrating the story of Day and Night from Filipino Mythology. In Filipino Mythology Bathala is the ruling deity and he has three children, Mayari, Apolaki and Tala. Mayari and Apolaki both have big bright eyes that light the Earth and ensure darkness never falls. When Bathala grows ill and dies, Mayari and Apolaki argue over who should reign in his place. They began to battle using batons and during the fight Apolaki accidentally strikes Mayari in the eye. Overcome with grief, Apolaki begs for his sister’s forgiveness and they agree to rule the Earth in turns. As Mayari’s eye never recovered from the injury her eyes are no longer as bright. Thus, the light during Apolaki’s reign is bright and warm - known now as the sun - and Mayari’s light is a cooler, soft glow - known now as the moon.

The first three illustrations are hand cut and the fourth is a digital laser cutter template.

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